The founder of MerryMuch Studio is Bernhard Traut (alias B.troit).
In the early days of the artist studiohouse KunstWerk e.V., a new room was built here in the former laundry room, including insulation and acoustic measures.

Most of the recordings, songs or tracks presented on merrymuchstudio.de were produced by B.troit and the respective instruments were recorded with the appropriate microphones.

B.troit has found even more experience and let us say: O.k., that’s real passion for live sound mixing!


B.troit: Live Sound Mixer | Producer

1998 „L’EGO KOCHEN“ | ADAT 8-track recording, demo (Legendary German Indie Rock Band).

1999 „P FIVE“ | Room recording (vocal & beatbox duo).

2000-2017 >jam4u from 2007 jamit! | Live sound mixer for the jam session series, improvisations.

2006 jamit! RUSTIKAL | Live Sound Mixer in the restaurant „Zur Post“ Barmer quarter Cologne Deutz.

2007 Bandit! Band and Jam Festival in the exhibition space KunstWerk e.V. | Live Sound Mixer.

2008-2017 All the opener bands „45 minutes“at jamit! | Live Sound Mixer.



2000 „MAN VS. NATURE“ | 1st Demo recording (psychedelic hardcore).

2000-2003 FORMATION DOPPELHERZ 2000″ | Demo recording, Live sound mixer.

2002-2007 „BLUNATICS“ | Live sound mixer (Jazz standards), Demo Recording.

2003-2006 „ANGELICA SCHUBERT“ | Soundtracks and sound production for performances.

2009 Voice Over -Recordings in 5 different languages. Interviews for a hearing implant Marketing DVD.

2006-2018 CO-PRODUCER with DJ ANDY VAZ | 10 releases on vinyl, two LPs | House, deep house, acid house.

2010 „TRAUT“ | Demo recordings (German language Indie rock).

2015-2019 Celebration and musical performances of the graduating classes Thomas-Eßer-Vocational College | Live sound mixer City Theatre Euskirchen.

2018-2021 Music production for car races with Cristiano Iglesia on guitars.

2019-2022 TV broadcast of volleyball Bundesliga women/men | Sound mixer & engineer.

2023 “MerryMuch” | Demo Recordings (Rock, Alternative, Indie).

2018-today | Vocal recordings for videos produced by teachers of the Willy Brandt Comprehensive School Cologne for graduation ceremonies.

2019-today | If you are not a teacher, also for other similar events, like vocal recordings for example birthdays.
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